Top Art Movements that Changed The World

Art has always been important to people from all over the world, regardless if they are artists or not. Through art, individuals are able to express themselves, their imagination, their visions, their conceptual ideas, and their technical skills among many other things. The most classic branches of art are three: architecture, painting and sculpture, however, there are a lot of branches that exist. Throughout the years, art has constantly been changing and it still plays a pivotal part in the world. It’s a known fact that art movements can change the world. The main focus of this article is the top art movements that changed the world.

How does the latest technology impact the creation of art?

In an increasingly tech-oriented world we live in, science and technology are spearheading our inexorable progress as a society. Everyone seems to be obsessing over the latest gadget, the fastest computer, the next breakthrough in technology… But, where is art in all of that? If technology is what pushes our civilization forward, then art is what elevates us above the mundane mortality of our existence. As dissimilar, and often contradicting, these two spheres of life can be, technology and art sometimes intertwine and form an entirely new vision, a glimpse into a potential future, imagery that would have been otherwise unavailable, a light cast into an unseen corner of our souls. Artists and art aficionados alike have had no choice but to embrace the pervasive influence of technology, and accept the fact that art, like every other aspect of life, should and must grow with the changes around us, lest it gets run over by the unstoppable wheel of time.

What are the best living room design inspirations with hanging wall art for 2019?

Your living room may even be your most personal space. It reflects your personality and nature, expressing your spirit and creating a surrounding you’re most comfortable in. The living room is a place where we interact with other people, bring them into our world and let our own style shine. Whether it is formal and aiming for a high-class feel, or a laid back, more casual approach where everyone can simply hang out, the living room is where life thrives. And what better way to enrich your life than with some amazing art? If you’re finally deciding to redecorate your living space the way you always wanted to, or you want to design your dream home from scratch, here are some of the best living room design inspirations with hanging wall art that will transform your space!

How can Augmented Reality help you design the interior of your home?

When they say the future is here, augmented reality makes for the most compelling reason. As one of the most prominent and fastest growing technologies, AR is becoming more and more widespread with new applications being added daily. From healthcare and automotive industry to retail, arts, manufacturing, military, and many others, augmented reality has already become an integral part of different industries’ daily practice. The art world may even be at the forefront of benefits when it comes to common public use of this futuristic approach, and home design has never been more fun and creative with the employ of AR. It is simply a match made in heaven. Here’s how you can – and should – use augmented reality to design the interior of your dream home.

What does the 2019 Art Industry have in store for you?

2019 is in full swing, and many art predictions and trends for this year has already come and gone, some never saw the light of day, while some have popped up, took the art industry by storm and proved to be not only a prediction relevant to this year but for the foreseeable future ahead of us. The art market, being a fickle beast as it is, can never yield any 100% guarantees, and as art dealers, critics, entrepreneurs and aficionados alike struggle to get a hold of any upcoming trend and place a firm grasp on the ever-palpitating pulse of the art industry, here we join the rat race and provide a little insight into the current state of the art industry and what it has in store for you.